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Denxpro Software LLC was brought to life by GoldexPlus on 4 June 2022. The pre-sale of GPLUS will run until October 30. Infrastructure of GPLUS GPLUS was developed on the BEP20 protocol. What is GoldexPlus SCAN? GoldexPlus SCAN testnet front interface infrastructure works will be completed in 2022 Q3 - Q4 period and testnet network will be transferred in 2023 Q1 - Q2 period. In this process, GPLUS will be used in tools such as transfer, reward and promotion for cryptocurrencies in different structures that come to the platform as infrastructure. Thanks to the GoldexPlus SCAN project, every user will be gathered under one roof. People operating in ERC20, BSC20, POLYGON, HEC, TRON networks will be able to easily track the transfers made from the GoldexPlus SCAN page with a single TXID information without the need to enter different scanning pages (eg:www.etherscan.com).

GPLUS; is the BEP20 project, which is a network with fast, scalable, economical, secure interoperability features. All transaction fees in the network will be paid with GPLUS and users will be able to earn passive income with the staking feature. GPLUS Token is designed for use in the GoldexPlus ecosystem. GPLUS is the common unit of different networks in the GoldexPlus ecosystem. In the use of networks such as ERC20, BSC20, TRON, POLYGON, HEC, you must cover the network fee of that network unit for transfers. In GoldexPlus, you can perform instant transfers for all networks using only GPLUS. 55% of the project is and will remain community owned so GPLUS is functional and users can buy/sell with confidence during development. 15% of the main wallet is reserved for insurance funds, 2% for prize pools, 3% for team members, 5% for advertising and sponsorship deals, 5% for development and 15% for liquidity pool. Every user pays a commission for buying/selling transactions made with GPLUS, and users who do not have GPLUS in their wallet cannot engage in buying/selling activities. Participation fee for periodic award events such as Stake, Farm, Pool can be made with GPLUS. User must buy 1 ticket for each package, ticket can be paid with GPLUS. Intermediate commission fees are paid in GPLUS for transactions such as wallet-to-wallet transfers and withdrawal requests. Therefore, you need to have GPLUS in your wallet for transfers and crypto withdrawals. The main currency in NFT trading is GPLUS. The interim commission fee given to the platform during NFT production is made with GPLUS. It is obligatory to have GPLUS in the wallet as a commission for transactions such as physical shopping, online shopping, withdrawing money from ATMs. When sending crypto money to different exchanges via DAPP, the intermediate commission fee paid as network fee is made with GPLUS.


You can purchase GPLUS having as little as $1 on your BUSD or USDT. The purchased assets will instantly drop on your wallet balance

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Your GPLUS possessions are securely protected by 3-layer security, 2-FA.

easy steps to get GPLUS


Download the GoldexPlus Wallet App for free on Android or go to Web Wallet for Windows


Complete the registration. You will only need to provide your valid EMAIL


Go to the “Deposit Adress” section and send BUSD or BEP20 USDT


Pick the coin you want to buy. It can be GPLUS or other +19 coins we support


Specify the amount of cryptocurrencies (BUSD or USDT) you would like to spend on GPLUS


Transactions are that easy!


Confirm the operation and see freshly-bought tokens on your wallet balance


Access daily AI-powered price predictions for 19+ assets


Manage your digital assets with unlimited amount of wallets to buy, withdrawal and earn crypto.


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